Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Proof of Alien Life

The first thing I remember about arriving in Omaha in 1995 was an incredible buzzing sound.    It wasn't as loud as the jets coming and going from the Air Force base, but the decibel level was about the same.   I asked a local resident if we were under attack and she replied, "Well, of course, you're lucky enough to experience the cyclical emergence of the cicadas this summer.  Come to find out, they burrow into the ground for anywhere from 2-13 years depending on the species and emerge as adults hungry and screaming with the intensity of a 3 year old whose lollipop has been snatched from his mouth (at least that's my theory).  Fast forward 16 years.

I must not have been visually traumatized from the cicadas in Omaha because I didn't remember what they looked like.  The picture in my head was of a grasshopper (locust), which cicadas are commonly called.   The sound, however, was ingrained in my head and I had instant oratory recall last week when I heard the sound again while I was in Ohio to shoot a wedding.  While passing the time on the porch, my friend Robert recalled stories of his childhood and picking up the shells of cicadas and how terrified he was of their remnants.  I teased him about it, and asked if he thought there might be any out in the grass.  He was sure of it and told me to go look at the base of the tree because there was no way he was going to pick one up.  I went looking around for grasshopper shells and after about 5 minutes reported that I couldn't find any.  "No", Robert said, "they look more like a beetle or something similar".   Sure enough, there was a brown husk there at the bottom and I slowly crouched down to take a closer look.

To my utter horror and fascination, I picked up the lifeless shell of an alien species, something that had been here on earth but had already left with unknown secrets to report back to its master.  Amazingly, this alien had brought thousands of his kind with him to earth, because their shells were also littered around the lawn and near the tree.   Was our government aware of this?  I thought I better make photo documentation just in case so I could prove what I had seen.

It is with great satisfaction that I present to you the first non-grainy, up close, and in-focus photo of an alien species that has been here on earth among us.

A few notes:

Check the top shot out again.  The creature has a straw coming out of its mouth, which I believe can be used for many things and which would explain the numerous accounts of anal probing that have been reported by those who have been abducted.  You can also see the split shell at the top of the body, clearly indicating the lifeform was only using this exoskeleton as protection while here, similar to what we see the astronauts wearing on a lunar landing.  Finally, I'm guessing the reason they stay underground for such long periods is because they are making a trip straight to hell to visit beelzebub himself prior to re-emerging back at the surface.  Not sure what they need from him, but clearly he put his evil design on their physical bodies.

Your thoughts....

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  1. Shivering with fear, my friend. I'm glad to be at a safe distance of 2,500 miles from these creatures once again. Amazingly detailed shots!