Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A spontaneous eruption of stupidity

I call these photos a spontaneous eruption of stupidity (SEOS).  These particular photos were a natural extension of drinking beer to take the Guinness shots.  Once I was buzzed, I figured I might as well put on the headphones and sing a few tunes like any normal person would.  I remember playing two songs, an acoustic version of "Sweet Child Of Mine" and Tesla's acoustic version of "Signs".   You can tell which photos go with each song, as the the Tesla song is much more aggressive ("Hey! What gives you the right?").  The photo above is definitely when Myles Kennedy (it's true) hits a high note in the song.

I'd be a fool to say they are totally spontaneous, because one naturally hams it up in front of the camera,vand you also anticipate when the timer will go off by freezing your expression.  Whatever the case, you should know this is what your face looks like when you sing in an empty house or shower.

On a larger scale, I reckon SEOS is what informs my photography the most.  I regularly get random ideas in my head that make me chuckle, and I'm off to try and capture the sentiment.  It's great when there's somebody else to model, but often I'm by myself so you end up seeing a lot of shots of The Man In Blue.  It's fun, it makes me laugh (and hopefully you too) and it gives me a (creative?) outlet.

Now go make your own music face.