Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Eyes Of A Dreamer

Robert dreaming in front of Ursula's painting upstairs at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco

"My aim was to capture the colorful, lush, vibrant and ever-changing views of the city as seen through the eyes of a dreamer."  Ursula Xanthe Young (Artist Of Above Painting).

The first time I met Robert he was sporting a wig and a giant sock schlong.  He was dressed as "Prince Fill my Pants" for a Demented Disney themed halloween party at his house.  I immediately suspected we might have a future as collaborators because I never seem to tire of phallus and flatulence.  In the ensuing years I have taken more shots of Robert than of any other (human) subject.  The old adage from Jim Richardson definitely applies "If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff."  When a guy goes from "Fill My Pants" to "Ring Leader" to "Redneck" to "Joker", my job is a lot easier (see below).

When we initially met, Robert was working for a consulting engineer and although he was doing a great job, the nature of the work wasn't satisfying creatively.  It was clear he had the ability to do bigger things and this creativity manifest itself in his yearly halloween parties, which grew more elaborate each year.  Every time I walked into his house at the start of the party, I muttered "You've got to be sh!tting me" because the design was so good.  Every detail was thought out and no corner of the house was left untouched.

Because of this overwhelming surge of creativity, it wasn't a surprise when he told me he was quitting his job to become a freelance graphic artist, first as Creative RAM and subsequently with Glen as Commuter Industries.  It was a natural move for somebody who was creating this kind of work.  When they asked me to take some shots at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco to commemorate the first year of their partnership it was a no brainer.  In lieu of payment I made Robert assure me we'll be invited to his first premiere of whatever the hell it is that has a big premiere.  He laughed it off, but I fully expect it to happen.  In their first year they have done work for, among others, the following companies:

Skyy Vodka

I'd say the dream is being rewarded.  When you have a chance head over to their site and check out their work.

Main Site:

Commuter industries

Year in Review:

2015 Year In Review

Also, thanks to Kristin Emery and Heather Ochoa at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco who allowed us full access to the bar area as well as providing lunch.  I'd definitely recommend the food when you're down in the Union Square area.

Robert and Glen at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco where their partnership was formalized

The photo used for the Commuter Industries year in review

Robert as the ring leader for his Carnivale D'Abnormale party

One of our spur-of-the-moment collaborations based on an abandoned recliner

Robert and Glen in costume at their "Gotham" themed party

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