Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Koozie With Class

I was certain Koozies were for rednecks until I saw Donna Barker holding a beer that looked like it was wearing a wet suit and had an elegant zipper like a gown for the Debutante Ball.   I've never considered myself a redneck so I made it a point not to use a Koozie.  Not a good look.  However, I am all about the Koozie with class and since I live in Northern California it will be referred to as the wine country coozie (WCC) (notice I've replaced the "k" with a "c", it adds to the classiness).

Donna is the wife of Al Barker (Al B.), one of my Air Force Academy classmates.  I've only seen her in person 2 or 3 times, but I feel like we're closer.  It's sort of a friendship by osmosis through Al B., whose friendship was forged by 24/7 interaction over 5 years (hey, we were the "dumb" ones that had to go to the prep school first) at the Academy.   We were both part of the tight knit athletic fraternity at the academy and hung around a lot of the same people.   A time gap of 10 years or more is irrelevant in these type of relationships that were forged in the steaming cauldron of leadership in Colorado Springs.

Donna understands our humor, and doesn't seem to tire of the sophomoric, asinine, things we talk about and still do, if only to recapture that magical time in our lives.   I don't know if "pressed ham" is really funny to her, or if she tolerates it only to indulge us, but that's beyond the point.  The fact that she is willing to be a part of the joke is what makes her special and I'm glad Al B. has her.    She's a great gal and I would gladly invite her to any "guys only" gathering.   It's no wonder Al B. couldn't resist a girl who is willing to rock the WCC in her left hand with a badminton racket in her right hand.

Excuse me if I'm late to the Coozie party, but I wasn't aware that the WCC was an option.  The Koozie seems to be largely a midwestern (notice the "colts" logo), perhaps southern phenomenon, you just don't see it a lot in California.  I've been here 12 years, so the  singular image of a Koozie in my mind is the 1/2" thick sleeve that only extends halfway up the length of a beer CAN.   The bottle WCC is new to me, but I'm a fan.  I'll be rockin' this thing on my bottles from this point forward, even if it has a "Colts" logo on it.

Thank you, Donna, I love this thing!

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