Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hornet's Nest Update

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Here's an update on the Hornets in our overhang:  THEY ARE MULTIPLYING RAPIDLY!!!

In a previous post (below) I explained why I decided to let this nest prosper.

Surprisingly their presence hasn't been a big deal.  I thought it would be overwhelming, but they don't seem to move around much at any time of the day and I haven't had to scream like a girl once.  Until today, that is...

Any time you peep in on a nest, any slight movement from the bees seems to be the launch of an all out assault on the perpetrator.  As I got in place to take the shot a piece of foliage brushed my leg (scream).  I got in place again and a dragonfly buzzed nearby (scream).  The flash seemed to irritate the group (scream).   However, no attack ever came.  Once again only my ego was assaulted.

Here's what I can figure out:  Why are there so many more now?  I would assume the larvae would hatch and be on their way immediately, but it looks like they stay because now there are double or triple the amount of hornets hanging around the nest.

I also thought the small nest off to the side was a template for the bigger one.  I thought the architect in the group laid down the blueprints for the rest to follow, but there is a larvae in there and they check on it from time to time.  Must be the queen bitch.

A side note for those that attended the margarita party:  That nest was directly above your head as you mixed your drinks (screeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmm............).

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  1. What the? Wow, Travis. Thanks for that last little remark. I'll be bringing over my beekeeper suit and smoker upon my next visit. Oddly enough, I just noticed the same kind of nests under the eaves at my house yesterday (these are yellow jackets, by the way). Tonight, I'll be busting out the 30ft-reach chemical aerosol foam to kill these pests, then I'm moving on to the garden hose to knock the nests down. If there's any screaming and/or stinging, I'll be sure to let you know.